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Congratulations to our newest ISELP Certified Members

Published Friday, January 4, 2019
Congratulations to our newest ISELP Certified Members!

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors & Staff of ISELP we wish you all the very best for a healthy and prosperous New Year! We are so excited to Congratulate our newest ISELP Certified Members in achieving this very high and prestigious honor. We hope to see you and encourage your participation in our very exciting compilation of 2019 ISELP Educational Offerings throughout North America and Europe. ISELP would not be here today if it were not for our valued Members around the world and our Global, Continental, and Module Sponsors. Thank you to you all!

Once again, our very best to you, your families, and your practice.


Jean-Marie Denoix, President

Kent Allen, Vice President &

Executive Director

Erik Bergman, Board of Director

Aude Heitzmann, Board of Director

Rick Mitchell, Board of Director

Duncan Peters, Board of Director

Russ Peterson, Board of Director

Barbara Riccio, Board of Director


Your ISELP Staff

Bob Cohencious, Director of Marketing

Carmen Musick, Director of Worldwide Administrative Services

Elizabeth Lorenzen, Director of Multimedia Marketing




Our Most Recent ISELP Certified Members!


Mariano Bonavita



Christian Czech



Alejandro Echezaretta



Laura Fitzharris

United Kingdom


Paolo Gay Guasco

United Kingdom


Peter Kazakevicius



Julie Pokar



Giorgio Ricardi

United Kingdom


Elisabeth Van Veggel

The Netherlands


Mari Vettenranta




Congratulations to all who sat for the ISELP Certification Examination.