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Interested in signing up for some of our ISELP Live Streams?

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If you've previously registered for an ISELP Live Stream Module and want to go back and re-watch, please select the module below:

Please note...you must have previously signed up for the live stream portion in order to watch the recorded version.


Live Stream Module

The Hock & Crus 

Live Stream Module

The Foot & Pastern 


Live Stream Module

The Pelvis

Live Stream Module 

The Proximal Forelimb & Neck Connection

Live Stream Module 

The Distal Hindlimb

Live Stream Module 

The Stifle & Thigh

Live Stream Module

The Neck & Back

Live Stream Module

The Fetlock, Tendon, PSL, & Carpus







ISELP appreciates your viewing and participation with our on demand video series segments.
We would like to thank the speakers, ISELP Board of Directors, and particularly our sponsors who have made it financially possible to offer free and reduced cost video content in these troubled times.
The free CE content does not have RACE credits associated but the reduced cost video segments will have applied RACE CE (pending).
There will be a test at the end of each segment to achieve CE credit validity. 






For a limited time we will be offering a selection of free lectures on our website.

We will be adding more videos over the course of the next few days.










Here are some Webinars put on by a few of our ISELP Global Sponsors, featuring a panel of world renowned specialists and ISELP Certified Members.