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ISELP Certification




Why Should Practitioners Take the ISELP Certification Examination to become Certified ISELP Members?



  •  Professionally, they have gained a deep understanding of an advanced knowledge base broadening the scope of their business.
  • They have developed ultrasound competency skills that are useful in everyday equine locomotor practice.
  • They have developed a connection and international network of colleagues with similar training that is quite useful for discussion, help and referral.
  • They appreciate that ISELP modules maintain a high standard of continuing education which improves and elevates our equine veterinary professional standards.
  • The personal journey has created enrichment with a sense of satisfaction and pride.
  • They have the ability to participate in modules as clinical wet lab instructors and to participate in our organization wet labs held at other industry events i.e. AAEP, BEVA, WVC, etc.
  • They have the ability to attend our ISELP Advanced Course which is limited to ISELP Certified Members and veterinarians boarded in other specialties only.
  • Ultimately, better diagnostics, care, and treatment improves the welfare of the athletic horse.  



Register for the ISELP certification examination on the ISELP events page at www.iselp.org as soon as you think you might want to take the examination. You must submit registration and qualifying materials at least two (2) months prior to the examination day.



Review the material requirements carefully! Candidates who submit incomplete material will not be considered. You are responsible for the completeness of your application.


ISELP Examination Eligibility

To qualify for the ISELP examination, practitioners must:

  • Have five years of equine practice
  • Registered ISELP member for at least one (1) year
  • Attended each of the 8-region specific anatomic 3-Day Modules (This does not include the Rehabilitation Module)
  • Register and pay to take the exam through the website events page
  • Submit qualifying materials two (2) months prior to examination day




The ISELP Certification Examination is a Practical Examination

The ISELP examination encompasses concepts used in everyday equine locomotor practice. Material is drawn from a series of 8 core anatomic region specific ISELP 3-Day Modules given throughout the United States and Europe. A thorough understanding and clinical application of anatomy, pathology, and imaging is required in each of the ISELP examination sections. Detailed information about the sections can be found in the ISELP Certification Examination Details PDF listed at the bottom of this page. The primary study material for this exam is the 8 video recordings of each module. 


ISELP Certification Examination Sections

1) Qualifying Materials to be submitted in advance with examination registration.

           a)  Individual Case Work

                     Ten (10) Clinical Case Studies  

                     Ten (10) Scientific Paper Analysis

           b)  Individual Statistics Curriculum Vitae with photograph & List of ISELP Modules Attended

2) ISELP Examination Day

        a)  Tests of Knowledge

                     Multiple choice written examination

                     Visual Diagnostic Image Identification

        b)  Practical Skills

                     Evaluate Ten (10) Motion Video Analysis

                     Demonstrate Ten (10) Ultrasound Structures

        c)  Presentation of Cases

                     Present and Defend two to three (2-3) Clinical Cases. These will be selected for you from the 10 clinical case studies that you submitted. The 10 will include video of significant parts of the lameness work up.

                     Present and Discuss one to two (1-2) Scientific Paper Analyses





Case Format for ISELP

ISELP Analysis of papers

ISELP Certification Examination Requirements



Once an ISELP Member passes the examination and becomes ISELP Certified, the membership fee to ISELP is waived. In order to maintain the Certified Member status, they are required to attend an ISELP Advanced Course every 4 years from date of certification.