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Certified Members

Katja Winderickx

Certified Member

Company: Lingehoeve Diergeneeskunde
Title: Drs
Veldstraat 3a
4033AK Lienden
Country: Netherlands


Greg Byrne

Jessica Bush

Robert Sinclair

Shellie Wallace

Stefano Masiero

William Anderson

Caroline Hajemo

Bob Genovese

Anne Dewar

Country: USA

Michael Hupp

A.D. Reed

Meredith Hustler

Amy Poulin-Braim

Gail L Mahnke

Country: United States

Maarten Aarts

Luvie Abell

Kristin Abrahamsson Aurell

Company: Hallandsdjursjukhus
Title: DVM


Jill Acland

Steve Adair

Company: University of Tennessee
Title: DVM

John Adams

Company: Adams and Hodge VPC
Title: Dr
8476 Cooper Hill Rd
Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0
Country: Canada

Edouard Adriaensen

Company: EVS Adriaensen-Vandenberghe BVBA
Nijverheidslaan 213
9250, Waasmunster
Country: Belgium

David Aebischer

Company: Clinique AREDA
Title: DVM
Clinique Veterinaire AREDA
Route des Neyers 8
Bex, Vd 1880
Country: CH

Larry Agle

Mark Aiken

Carol Akers

Mark Akin

Country: United States

Nicolas ALBERT

Alessandra Ramseyer