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What Others Say...


 “It is our good fortune to have Dr. Denoix do these lectures. Clearly he is at the top of his game. Interestingly his lectures seem to improve with succeeding efforts, just when he could only be described in superlatives.” – Veterinarian from Northern Virginia





“Overall, these are the best C.E. courses I have ever attended, and I have been in practice 17 years now. I have learned more at these courses that I have been able to apply to my daily practice and to improve my skills as a veterinarian. I have attended 7 out of the 8 modules now. Thanks for putting on a good seminar. Keep up the good work!” – Veterinarian from Southern Virginia




“Greatest meetings out there. A lot of bang for your buck.” – Veterinarian from Florida



“The live demonstration is excellent, very helpful.” – Veterinarian from Washington




“Every meeting has improved, the addition of cadavers and anatomy specimens is extremely rewarding. Thank you for everything!! The learning environment is open and inviting, as if you really want everyone to get it!!” – Veterinarian from Pennsylvania



“Was impressed by the quality of the program!” – Veterinarian from Quebec, Canada




 “This was my fourth ISELP module to attend and I am just as impressed with the quality of the program as I was with the first. Good job and thanks.” – Veterinarian from Europe




"This was my second ISELP meeting and I plan to attend more. They are extremely well done with extraordinarily logical and complete organization.” – Veterinarian from Illinois




“We had the chance to practice with a small group, every one of my group were very nice and wanted to learn and share experiences, every instructors were also very helpful!” – Veterinarian from Quebec, Canada




“The regional approach was very good as it mimicked the lectures and notes. All of the instructors were very helpful and patient.” – Veterinarian from Alberta, Canada




“Great seminar. Good solid clinical information. Would highly recommend it to anyone . Thank you.” – Veterinarian from Texas




"I just want to express my gratitude to you for giving me the best “anatomy class” that I have ever taken in my life. I was at the 3 day module course  in Texas  (“Stifle” course)  and I did really enjoy it 110% ! In addition I also want to congratulate the instructors,  Dr. C Williams,  Dr. J Morgan, Dr. Bergman, Dr. Selberg and Dr. Marsh for their nice personality, knowledge and easy ability to teach us.” – Veterinarian from Mexio