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Canadian Global Sponsor Event Registration 2020

Thank you for attending the ISELP 3 DAY Module – The Foot & Pastern hosted by Kleider Veterinary Services in Langley, BC, Canada September 24-26.

The deadline to sign up to attend this event will be August 24th.

Please be sure to register your company before the deadline.

Your event contact will be Beth Blanche, and she can be reached at  bblanche@kleidervet.com.


Please take a few moments to fill out the information below.


Please be advised that this form is only to confirm the attendance of our CURRENT Global Sponsors listed below:

If you are not currently a global sponsor but are interested in obtaining some more information please click here

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Please list any other emails you would like cc'd on future correspondence regarding this event.

As per your sponsor agreement, every sponsor is provided space and meals for two representatives from their company. If you would like to pay for additional representatives to attend there will be an additional charge of $300.00 Cdn per additional representative. If you would like to send an additional representative please check the box below and Beth Blanche will be in contact with you for more information.

We would like to send an additional representative


Please Review our Audio/Video/Still Photography Policy.

I have read and agree to adhere to the Audio/Video/Still Photography Policy outlined above.

Please Review our Hold Harmless Agreement. 

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