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Live Stream Module "The Hock & Crus"

Date: December 9 - 12, 2020
Contact: Carmen Musick
Phone: 1 (540) 270-1902










This Event is Open to All ISELP Members.



ISELP will be hosting a live stream event direct from Paris, France featuring world renowned:

Professor Jean-Marie Denoix, DVM, PhD, Assoc. LA-ECVDI, DACVSMR, Certified in Equine Locomotor Pathology (ISELP) President and a Distinguished Panel of ISELP Certified Members


This unique opportunity is available to equine sports medicine veterinarians who are members of ISELP.


Participants will receive an advanced video of the anatomy portion of our traditional modules prior to the broadcast. This will be sent digitally to all registrants.


A dedicated email will be established for your questions to Professor Denoix in order for you to ask questions in real time.


This live stream will be credited as part of your ISELP Certification process. You will receive approximately  17 Hours of CE Credit for this Course.


The Hock and Crus module uses background knowledge and clinical case presentations as well as demonstrations to explore some of the most common conditions of the hind limb that practitioners deal with in everyday practice. 


Conditions reviewed include proximal and distal hock joint conditions including interosseus enthesopathies and collateral desmopathies, periarticular conditions such as plantar tarsal sheath syndrome and commun calcanean tendinopathy as well as cranial and caudal crus conditions. Special emphasis is placed on the rehabilitation and the rational corrective shoeing of the different conditions using kinesitherapic shoes.

ISELP Live Stream Module The Hock & Crus Agenda



Wednesday 9 December

4:30pm-5:00 - ISELP Video Introduction

5:00-7:00 Anatomy of the Hock Bones & Vessels (Complement to Dissection) / Clinical Case Presentation

7:00-7:20 - Break

7:20-9:30 - Functional Anatomy of the Hock / Clinical Case Presentations

9:30-10:00 - Questions & Answers by ISELP Certified Member    


Thursday 10 December

4:30pm-5:00 - ISELP Video Introduction

5:00-7:00 Clinical Examination of the Hock: A Variety of Conditions! Ultrasound Demonstration 1: Hock - Collateral Aspects

7:00-7:20 - Break

7:20-9:30 - Diagnostic Analgesia: Tarsus / Ultrasound Demonstration 2: Hock – Dorsal + Plantar Aspects / Clinical Case Presentation

9:30-10:00 - Questions & Answers by ISELP Certified Member   


Friday 11 December

4:30pm-5:00 - ISELP Video Introduction

5:00-7:00Clinical Case Presentation / Clinical Anatomy of the Crus

7:00-7:20- Break

7:20-9:30- Ultrasound Demonstration 3: Crus / Diagnostic Anesthesia: Sheaths + Crural Block / Clinical Case Presentation

9:30-10:00- Questions & Answers by ISELP Certified Member   


Saturday 12 December

4:30pm-5:00 - ISELP Video Introduction

5:00-7:00 - Conditions of the Plantar Aspect of the Hock / Clinical Case Presentation

7:00-7:30 - Questions & Answers by ISELP Certified Member



One of the available options to make up the wet lab portion of this Hock & Crus Module is to contact an ISELP Certified Member and organize a one on one session with them.


For more information on this please click here.




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