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Live Stream Module "The Stifle & Thigh"

Date: September 3 - 4, 2020
Contact: Carmen Musick
Phone: 1 (540) 270-1902











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The ISELP Live Stream Module - The Stifle & Thigh




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The Stifle and Thigh module aims to improve the diagnosis and management of many of the proximal hind limb conditions encountered in the field using clinical case presentations and live demonstrations. Conditions reviewed include many femoropatellar and femorotibial conditions and thigh conditions. Special emphasis is made on the management and rehabilitation program of the different conditions.
Sporthorse Medical Diagnostic Centre (SMDC) is proud to host the European module of the International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology (ISELP).
This module covers the descriptive anatomy of the stifle and thigh with a detailed description of the bone and joint structures of the femoropatellar and femorotibial joints as well as femur, muscles, vessels and nerves of the thigh using pictures of anatomical specimen and drawings.
The functional anatomy and biomechanics of the femoropatellar and femorotibial joints as well as the strong muscles of the thigh is described in detail to provide insight into the etiopathogenesis of proximal hind limb injuries. These data are essential for managing most of the bone, joint and muscle conditions of the proximal hind limb with a rational rehabilitation program.
Diagnostic analgesic techniques including intra-articular analgesia of the femoropatellar and femorotibial joints using either conventional techniques or ultrasonographic guided injections are also reviewed in detail.A large part of the module is devoted to clinical cases presentations of femoropatellar and femorotibial conditions and thigh lamenesses including a complete clinical examination (with pictures of the physical exam and videos of the lameness, before and after blocks), radiographic examination and ultrasound scans of the lesions. Some cases will demonstrate the interest of combined imaging using nuclear scintigraphy for the diagnosis of proximal hind limb lamenesses. Interactive discussion of the prognosis as well as the treatment and management of the different conditions presented provides practical knowledge.
The different conditions reviewed include: femoropatellar conditions (osteochondrosis, upward patellar fixation, desmopathies/ enthesopathies of the patellar ligaments…), femorotibial conditions (subchondral bone cysts of the femoral condyles, meniscal injuries, enthesopathies of the collateral and cruciate ligaments, degenerative femorotibial joint…), and thigh conditions (including muscle rupture/tears, fibrotic myopathies …). Special emphasis is made on the rehabilitation program of the different conditions.



Speakers for this Module Include:


AUDIGIE Fabrice 

Professor in equine diagnostic imaging and locomotor pathology at CIRALE - National Veterinary school of Alfort.

DVM, HDR, PhD in Biomechanics, Large Animal ECVDI Associate Member

Head of the CIRALE (since 2014)


Graduated from the National Veterinary school of Alfort (ENVA) in 1992, he spent 6 years as a Lecturer in Anatomy at the ENVA. During this period, he performed his PhD in Biomechanics on the "Kinematic analysis of lame horses".

Since the opening of the CIRALE in 1999, he is in charge of the imaging platform of the center: radiography, ultrasonography, bone scintigraphy, magnetic resonance imaging and CT.

In addition to a strong involvement in the clinical activity of CIRALE, his research studies are orientated towards mainly advanced and comparative imaging of the equine locomotor system. He is also involved in research activities orientated towards the development and validation of new therapeutic approaches for joint and tendon injuries.



Sporthorse Medical Diagnostic Centre – The Netherlands

DVM, Diplomate ECAR, ISELP-certified, Large Animal ECVDI Associate Member


Graduated in 1996 at the Ghent University, Belgium. He did his residency in equine reproduction and obstetrics at the Faculty of Ghent and became a diplomate of the European College of Animal Reproduction in 2003.

Erik was co-founder of Lingehoeve Diergeneeskunde, an equine referral practice in The Netherlands, and has mainly been involved in equine orthopedics and imaging. He was one of the first ISELP certified members in 2008 and is a member of the ISELP Board of Directors since 2009. In 2010 Erik is recognized by the European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging as an Associated Member-Large Animals.

In 2015 Erik was co-founder of the Sporthorse Medical Diagnostic Centre -SMDC- in Heesch, The Netherlands. This center is focused on the highest quality in equine orthopedics with a multidisciplinary approach. Important values of this center are quality, teamspirit and a good working environment. In 2019 SMDC joined the Altano-gruppe, a group of leading equine clinics and practices in West-Europe.

Erik is well-known for his many lectures and presentation on (inter)national and ISELP conferences all over the world during the last two decades.


 COUDRY Virginie

Equine diagnostic imaging and locomotor pathology at CIRALE – National Veterinary school of Alfort.
DVM, DESV, ISELP-certified, Diplomate ACVSMR

Virginie Coudry graduated from the National Veterinary School of Alfort (ENVA) in 1998. After general equine internships in ENVA-CIRALE and at Rochester Equine Clinic, New Hampshire (USA), followed by 3 years of residency program under the supervision of Pr Jean-Marie Denoix, on Equine Locomotor Injuries, she obtained a DESV degree (Veterinary Specialist Diploma in Equine Biomechanics and Locomotor Apparatus Pathology) in 2004. Since then, she has been involved in the clinical, teaching and research activities of CIRALE-ENVA. Her clinical duties consist of referred cases for diagnosis and imaging of equine locomotor problems and causes of poor performance.
In July 2010, she passed the certification of the International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology (ISELP), and has been regularly instructor during European ISELP modules. She also graduated from the American College of Veterinary Sport Medicine and Rehabilitation in 2017.
Since 2015, Virginie took up the duties of Team Vet for the French Driving Team and follows French drivers in single, pairs and team in international competitions.



Colorado State University

Inside Information Radiology

MS, DVM, ISELP-certified and MS Diplomate American College of Veterinary Radiology


After completing his doctorate in veterinary medicine from Washington State University, he completed an equine sports medicine internship at Virginia Equine Imaging in Middleburg, VA. He received his training in diagnostic imaging from Colorado State University and is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Radiologists.  Following his residency he completed fellowship in advanced imaging with training from Colorado State University and from Musculoskeletal Radiologists in Fort Collins, CO.  He was an Assistant Professor of equine diagnostic imaging at the University of Georgia for 4 years before returning to an equine diagnostic imaging position at Colorado State University in September of 2016.  His area of interest is the equine athlete,  musculoskeletal diagnostic imaging and imaging guided treatment of injury.  Research areas include limited view CT, equine osteoarthritis, detection of bone marrow lesions, and comparative musculoskeletal MRI.



Live Stream Agenda

Please note that this is subject to change without notice.

ALL TIMES ARE IN CET (The Netherlands)


**Please note, you can watch back from the beginning at any point after the live stream ends.

There is no need to be concerned if the Time Zone is not ideal for your location.


September 3rd

0700-0800-Special Video Pre Event Presentation

0800-0815-Opening by Dr. Erik Bergman

0815-1000-Anatomy & Functional Anatomy of the Stifle by Dr. Fabrice Audigie

1000-1030-Special Video Presentation (Intermission)

1030-1130-Clinical Examination of the Stifle-Dr. Erik Bergman

1130-1215-Injection Techniques-Dr. Virginie Coudry

1215-1315-Special Video Presentation (Intermission)

1315-1415-Ultrasound of the Femoropatellar Joint-Dr. Virginie Coudry

1415-1500-Case Presentation-Dr. Virginie Coudry

1500-1530-Special Video Presentation (Intermission)

1530-1645-Ultrasound of the Femorotibial Joints-Dr. Erik Bergman

1645-1730-Functional Anatomy of the Thigh-Dr. Fabrice Audigie

1730-1745-Wrap Up and Overview of Day 1-Dr. Erik Bergman

1745-Virtual Wine and Cheese Sponsor Party


September 4th

0700-0800-Special Pre-Event Video Presentation

0800-1000-Radiography & Advanced Imaging-Dr. Kurt Selberg

1000-1030-Special Video Presentation (Intermission)

1030-1130-Ultrasound of the Femoral Muscles-Dr. Erik Bergman

1130-1215-Case Presentation-Dr. Virginie Coudry

1215-1330-Special Video Presentation (Intermission)

1330-1530-Live Ultrasound Demonstration-Dr. Erik Bergman

1530-1615-Special Video Presentation (Intermission)

1615-1700-Case Presentation-Dr. Kurt Selberg

1700-1715-Wrap Up and Overview of Day 2-Dr. Erik Bergman


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